Serious gear freaks, we need you!

For the 2012/13 season iceclimbingjapan is extending its R&D element to our friends and clients.

Heres a chance to try the textiles, insulation, systems and designs designated for next years market and beyond. This gear is sophisticated and experimental in both technology and concept, destined for serious end users, and demanding of real-conditions feedback.

A true test ground for experimental gear is hard to find. Regular consumers are unwilling to test to destruction, the feedback process is detailed and experimental gear is only released to select  people, often unbranded and in fashion-ignoring colors. Due to industry security most testing is done close-lipped and taken very seriously: very different to simply giving opinion on a market-ready product.

Heres how it works:

We give you specific gear for the duration of the trip and you give us feedback. At the end, if you really liked the stuff you tried we give you a solid discount on a brand new version of it.

Be aware, this is real testing, with genuine feedback required. We don’t need opinions on how things function under normal conditions – we want to know how far it can go, which means applying a serious process. Along with thrashing the gear there will be feedback forms to fill out, a release to sign, lots of questions and requests to use the gear in specific ways.

If you’re not really into gear then it may not be for you – but if you’re an obsessed gear-freak with a fetish for Neoshell, Pertex and Primaloft, this will be paradise.

The Feedbback Project is open to all of iceclimbingjapans friends and clients, from first timers to international pros. If you’re coming in from overseas it’s a way to save bulk by leaving your own gear at home. If you’re heading to demanding places we can talk about the extended testing process.

Send us an email via the contact & enquiries page and we will get it happening.