its been t-shirt weather so far, but early next week is seeing a temperature plunge that will usher in winter. predicted with >85% accuracy (class A) this potential drop – after some rain and light snow within a good freeze-thaw – is significantly lower than the previous few years. even if it creeps a little its still great news.

yatsugatake weather forecast mountain-forecast japan

 freeze level dropping from 3150m with rain to 500m overnight….perfect ice forming conditions.

even tho it wont stay for long, the freeze will supercool the ground and seed the ground soak for easier refreezing (ice forms at higher temperatures if the water already has the crystal template from previous freezing), meaning a better buffer for marginal temperatures after will produce more base ice.

also, with the first Mt Fuji trip of the season set for mid-next week, the forecast is looking like more realistic conditions than expected – always a good thing when testing new designs, speeding up the proto process right when it matters.

mt fuji weather forecast mountain-forecast japan