Vidéo : China on Ice © Guillaume Vallot

sichuan ice: great little doco that really shows how things are in the Shuangqiao valley. photo lifted from the Petzl page

finally, a decent film about ice climbing in the Shuangqiao valley, sichuan, china.

after half a dozen trips along the Sichuan-Tibet border to climb ice – including 4 to the Shuangqiao valley – its great to see quality documentation of what its really like in there. things have changed over the decade weve been going there; the quake, ethnic unrest, tourist development, upscaled regulation and interest from the growing number of chinese climbers – so its good to see things still have an air of the fronteir about them.

from the early days (and Petzls first big trip that featured Guy Lacelle and Craig Luebben) it was obvious that Shuangqiao had a generations worth of ice to be discovered, and as things have grown exploration of the sichuan-tibet escarpment further north and south of Shuangqiao is showing just how extensive the ice really is.

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