training without application is exercise, application without training is practice.

effort is a single process that has various phases that include preparation, rest & recovery and application. to not see this, and more so to not act upon this, is to fool yourself that youre on some kind of path. its not a path if you leave it up to chance.

train because your objective warrants it. to not prepare is to either belittle your chosen goal or to over-estimate your abilities. training is saying ‘I can be better’.

to not train is to either accept mediocrity or lie to yourself that you have what it takes. it means you do not know what you have to work with, to base your ideas on guesses, fantasies and the thoughts of others. to expect to achieve without preparation is both immature, ignorant, unrealistic and irresponsible.

training is meant to be a trip into the deeper reaches of your psyche

possibly worse is lie to yourself with ineffective training.

tho some methods are more effective than others, its not hard to know what works. if you train and prepare, but your objective gets no closer, you have deceived yourself. it takes guile to train with focus. by its very nature it is a lonely pursuit. even in a team, most of the work is individual, questioning the very reason for a team.

training makes the process connect by engaging the spectrum of factors long before they become relied upon. spending every day in application leads to as narrow tunnel vision as spending every day in practice. many lessons can only be learned by experimentation and repetition, results can only be integrated by trial. to expect to be taught when you should be applying is to misunderstand, which is fine if we are talking about tennis. but we are not.

effective preparation and training hurts, and it also surprises. what initially seemed impossible enters reality. standards rise and expectations broaden. you understand you have chosen your own limitations, and that you can chose to exceed them.

train to take responsibility. train to know yourself – not in some esoteric way, but to gauge your ability before you need to engage it. theres enough chance already on the mountain, you cant control much of it, but you can be responsible for your part.

train so you can say you did your best. if you fail you have less excuses. train to shoulder the blame; it wasn’t the gear, it wasn’t the weather, it wasn’t the food. train so youre strong enough to accept and resolve the truth.

train so you can accept success. again; its not the gear, the wind or the food that climbs mountains.

train because theres a future. to expect progress simply from the passing of time is ignorant. to train is to know there is no going back, that the results of the past, once achieved exist only as indicators of potential. to expect less from your future is worse than to give in to entropy, its to give in to fantasy, to render past efforts as nostalgia rather than fuel for the future.