after years of trying lots of packs weve settled on Cilo gear. others have worked well, but Cilo’s packs have simply worked the best, and a recent trip to the US solidified a relationship so Teton Bros can make them more available in Japan for climbers and skiers. iceclimbingjapan amongst others is part of getting the word out there.

Peaks Magazine, Japans #1 exposer to the outdoor industry, was impressed enough to give Cilo the front cover

when about 40 days per winter is spent carrying loads and that average load weighs 30kg, the pack matters. even when its not about weight, its about durability and function, and tho Cilo isnt the top in any one catergory their packs out-do others when its all combined. this is why they are worth the rolls royce price tag – you are getting a rolls royce product.

legendary in their home country, Cilo’s packs carved a place into climbing to call their own. perhaps no other company has made such a radical splash for their size. seemingly from nowhere Cilo brought new textiles, new construction methods, new functions and new levels of function to an already saturated market. we didnt need any more packs – until Cilo came along. its to their credit that years later they are still going strong, with few real competitors, and became icons of both material evolution and market direction. in more ways than one Cilo are the standard for where packs are going.

ice, granite and extended use – Cilo gear packs in their element

very light and very strong, Cilo packs have every detail tweaked towards alpine limbing. theres none of the market compromise to get them to sell to a wide consumer base who dont really need them. non-climbers and non-skiers will scratch their heads. the weird fabrics, the strange dangly buckles, the odd colours and the significant prices make them out of place on the shelf amongst all the other slick packs, where they appear basic, clunky and half-baked – yet on the mountain they shine. its hard to name another pack that stands apart so distinctively in both enigma and function.

hydrophobic dyneema thats actually lighter than water means the white Cilo packs absorb no moisture and so dont freeze when things get really cold. spilled coffee will stain them tho…

now all this sounds like superlative. no pack can be that interesting, right? well that depends on how much your pack means to you. a few weekends a year for a few hours a time is a spartan relationship where little matters, but seriously loaded, seriously abused and spending serious time together shines a light on what a pack can be. other packs dream they are Cilo packs. theres a reason Cilo spends so little on direct advertising – appearing on the backs of most world class alpinists does it form them.