whilst there is still ice here and there across japan it’s frazzling fast and conditions to access it get dodgier by the day. maybe 20 years ago golden week was good for climbing, but these days it alpine ridges only as the slopes destabilize in the warmth. for now weve called it for ice and are shifting to spring gullies, rock, walls and training as expeditions loom later in the year.

beautifully fragile: the higher section of the last climbable ice pillar in JogoZawa

as one final hurrah we got on the remaining pillar in Jogozawa for an uncommon ascent, climbing the steep ice next to the rock to avoid the spectacular but dangerous formations.

annoyingly mundane for climbers but good on tv: Nae Yagi putting on her crampons for the cameras.

final winter projects also came to a close, including a doco shoot for French tv showing Nae Yagi plying her trade climbing and training for ice.