it’s like posting a photo of a yeti. disputed by many who claim its a myth, the Fuji caldera icefall indeed exists, albeit fleetingly and crazy hard.

70m? WI6?? ‘involved’ access: Mt Fuji’s caldera ice is rare. this photo was taken probably a week or 10 days after its prime, but note the lack of fallen debris at the base, suggesting it’s doable – but by who?

now this is no beginners ice climb. the caldera rock face is about 80m high, so accounting for the snow at the base this icefall is about 70m. the upper half is a series of overhanging suspended daggers, the rock is friable and globular, and the top out…well its over onto a nearly featureless plateau of snow on rock. this is Will Mayo-type stuff. not to mention the 2500m of wind-blasted volcanic slopes to get the gear up there.