long climbing trips are grimy stuff, so as a single extravagance LUSH soaps add a touch of civility for no extra weight. we constantly fork out extra for shiny climbing bling, so why not an extra few yen for luxury soap. for years now LUSH has been a companion to grim places, where once or twice a month it all makes sense.

LUSH has a campaign to get the message out there

BUT, the sad thing is, many of these places we go to climb in are a living hell for anyone whos love interests go beyond being straight and thats not right. Japan itself is overtly tolerant of gay, trans, lesbian etc lifestyles, and whilst still working towards full legal status, in some parts of Japan same-sex marriage is recognized. but in many places where the climbing is good its not. and thats wrong. not long ago China deemed homosexuality a disease requiring institution and electric shock therapy. the ex-soviet states have come a long way economically but basically nowhere on gay freedom, and Pakistan….

now buying soap wont change the world itself, but lending some solidarity across the worlds sectors all helps. footballers are coming out, soldiers are coming out, athletes are coming out so its gathering steam, and this a voice from some climbers, as dirty as we may be.

and hey, its really nice soap. the gold sparkles rub off which raises eyebrows.