we’ve spent the last few months organizing the 2015 trips to China / Tibet. schedules have changed and been modified as climbers ideas have shifted and changes to the logistical possibilities have been explored with our Chinese partners. its been a time for a lot of learning whats really possible in a place often deemed ‘impossible’ to climb in.

so now its time to start finalizing schedules, ground logistics, red tape and equipment and with that goes the last positions available to join a truly ground-breaking trip using a new adaption of logistics that opens up exciting possibilities for the future. all above board, with the full approval of the Chinese authorities, we have gained the ability to access unclimbed peaks with a new logistical format. in the history of Tibet climbing this will be small but very significant event.

this isnt the peak we are headed to, just one of the many we drive past to get to the really good stuff

by necessity we will be keeping this team small and with as minimal footprint as possible. its no secret it will involve a level of commitment significantly above a ‘regular’ climbing trip to Tibetan areas. these are the basics:

  • all members must be in physical and mental condition to climb unsupported for 2 weeks. this includes all aspects including the approach above 4100m

  • all members must be prepared for multi-day alpine climbing on a totally unexplored peak

  • all members must be able to carry their personal and allocated team gear from the roadhead – no porters, no yaks, no vehicles

  • all members must work well within a team. commitment will be high, we dont know 100% whats out there, theres big decisions that need to be made

  • all climbers must be enthusiastic about the exploratory element, including the first ascent process, recording the terrain, reconnoitering the surrounding peaks etc.

  • schedule is expected to be 15 days Chengdu – Chengdu

  • dated will be around October 15 – October 29

  • cost is US$4750 per climber and includes all logistics, transports, permits & fees, staff, visa support, team equipment, hotels, meals off-mountain and organization.

  • a paid opening for trip photographer is available. members interested in this please notify.

our objective remains undisclosed, requiring a direct inquiry, but is a spectacular peak that offers what appears to be excellent alpine route options and enormous exploratory potential. sitting at the heart of an unexplored range and glimpsed only fleetingly from a remote road, the region surrounding the peak will be recorded for the first time and provide extremely valuable data for future trips.

positions open till mid-September 2015

life is short. demand is high. some chances don’t come twice.

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