requests for the neoshell bivy bags has been way beyond expectations – seems the number of users who want a light, stretchy, breathable, extra long, simple bivy bag for mostly cold conditions is huge, which isnt surprising. the thing is, these are not commercial bivy bags, which means theyre not going to be on shelves and are not made in commercial quantities, and therefore the production process isnt straightforward.

-15c, direct onto frozen ground, inside a frosted tarp shelter, several nights in a row – no problem: the Neoshell bivy bags are made to simply work

the current status of the Neoshell bivy bags is

  • there are currently none available

  • a new batch is in the pipeline, hopefully before winter

  • the new ones will be an upgraded design thats greater volume to accommodate bigger sleeping bags / bigger people / more gear jammed inside

  • the fabric will be the same stretch Neoshell

  • the colour may change but will be bright for safety reasons 

  • they will be made of less panels, so less seams to tape and all that goes with that

  • they will have water proof zips instead of a weather cover

  • the zips will be double, possibly triple pull

  • volume still wont be huge,w e are guaranteed to run out again

  • people who have already made a request are higher on the list, tho will need to confirm when the bags are ready. 

  • weight will be under 400g

  • price will be under $300

  • we can send anywhere, tho thats not included in the cost

interested climbers should get in touch, and watch this site for announcements of availability.