some regulars will have noticed that early this year iceclimbingjapan became an asset of triple shot international. rumors arose and some concerns were expressed, so now we will set things straight.

Triple Shot is a risk consultancy business that uses cutting-edge methods refined from 20 years doing dangerous things in dangerous environments to advise others. the name comes from the minimum amount of coffee we feel is needed to start the day. Triple Shot is registered in Japan, operates across Asia, and is as involved just as much in technology, presenting and theoretical modelling as it is in on-the-ground derring-do and roped antics far up mountains.

simply put, iceclimbingjapan hit saturation and rather than get bigger we chose to get more refined. the icy mountains of Japan we dont feel need more people in them, so we chose the numbers that work best with the aim of keeping a great undiscovered climbing location that way. earlier ideas of pushing Japan’s international profile as a winter climbing destination we withdrew. to those wanting trips iceclimbingjapan will continue to function as normal. if you didnt notice any changes that’s because to most climbers there arent any. some scheduling elements have changed and some equipment has changed, and night time bivy tales huddled round the Jetboil have grown, but the type of trips and commitment to real climbing hasnt.

where things are now different are for our R&D contracts, our rescue and access contracts and our overseas expeditions. these now operate under the name of Triple Shot, as do a few in-country trips for industrial purposes. the overlap is that iceclimbingjapan trips are now safer, smoother and more streamlined – which is good because they are also more in demand.

in an era where shady security companies operate under fancy names that suggest otherwise, Triple Shot not that. we are more involved in quantum modelling, technological applications, regional politics, industrial safety and think tanks for CEOs.

like iceclimbingjapan, Triple Shot resolved problems with creative intelligence.