at iceclimbingjapan we stand on the shoulders of the pioneers that came before.

this week Kei Taniguchi died in Hokkaido, partnered with Hirate a pillar of both Japanese and womens climbing. we would occasionally see them both around, either out in places like Yatsugatake or downtown in Jimbocho.

image swiped from Montagnes Magazine

and then we lost Lemmy. it takes inspiration to fuel those early winter mornings and most of them start with a huge amount of coffee and Lemmy’s Hawkwind period as we dodge the trucks thru the mountains on our way to where the ice is. Lemmy gave us our attitude, our energy and our reasoning to strip away all the sugar-coating.

Hawkwind era Lemmy

without the likes of Kei and Lemmy, there could be no iceclimbingjapan.