we have had a good relationship with Iran going back almost 20 years. as Tripleshot Consulting, while the rest of the world hasnt known how to position itself with Iran we have been hosting a long and positive interaction with the climbers, mountain areas and evolving scene. always engaging, always welcoming, totally unique and refreshingly frontier, Iran as a climbing destination has long been on our radar, having visited destination stretching from the deserts of Yazd to the ranges of Hamadan and into the Alborz and Talesh mountains of the north east.

and now it’s time to open up about it.

Persian winter walls: exotic frontiers of both climbing and global thinking

anyone with a tv will be aware that global attitudes about Iran are changing fast, and this faster nowhere than within Iran itself. a large population of young, well educated and dynamic people has long turned out world class alpinists – not to mention the recent generation of competitive women ice climbers – and anyone who has spent time in places like the Baltoro will know Iranian climbers to be warm, focused, passionate and coming from a long history of climbing excellence.

rather than watch the changes from the armchair, iceclimbingjapan – as we did in China – is getting involved as part of the process. close interaction with Iran’s serious climbers gives us a unique position to go right to the heart of the huge climbing spectrum they have there. from multiple ice locations to huge alpine walls, desert walls and hard alpine mixed, Iran is a mountaineering dream. locations are easily accessed with Iran’s excellent infrastructure, the people and culture are extraordinarily welcoming, the food amazing and the landscapes bewilderingly beautiful. unlike some of its neighbors, Iran is healthy, stable, accessible and well run, and despite years of sanctions is a country bustling with activity.

climbing-wise we are focusing on the ice and the alpine mixed & walls, as usual. and there are no shortage of objectives. teaming up with some locals, we will be climbing in places as exotic as it can get, in the past associated with the great Persian empire, the hashasheens, the silk road and the Akkadians. like Tibet, climbing trips are inseparable from the deep cultural traditions of the location it occurs in and perhaps like no other country, Iran is as untrammeled by the plastic hand of tourism as is possible.

of course we expect that many climbers have a dark perspective on Iran – we accept that these trips are not for everyone. but we are also motivated to show the reputation is both untrue and backwards. for any climbers requesting it we provide a full risk analysis, and trips are completely fortified with visa, bureaucratic and logistical support. there is no secret that iceclimbingjapan’s trips to Iran are an extension of goodwill and comeraderie.

if the frontiers of climbing and global possibilities are your thing get in touch, and watch this space as we release more beta.