popular as a summer rock training ground, in winter Mitsutoge is a quiet, overlooked cornucopia of mixed alpine routes with hundreds of options for frozen lines. multipitch routes all across Mitsutoge’s 100m weather blasted face provide an amazing training location for the winter dark arts.

100m of steep mixed face: one small section of Mitsutoges winter potential as a hard alpine location

accepted as a training area, Mitsutoge is no stranger to the tooling and tinkering that is serious alpine mixed. heavily protected already, this is an ideal place to work out the finer elements of tools-on-rock, nailing, alpine aiding and scratching around on ice. in many ways its like Scottish mixed without the Scottish rules; frosted and iced rock, dripping overhangs, exposed, convoluted rock formations – but with a long history of good and not-so-good in-situ protection.