WINTER 2016 / 17: Mt FUJI

every winter ascents of Fuji get more in demand, but the mountain doesnt get any easier. to keep it safe and doable, we limit the number of trips we run up there, and focus on genuine big mountain-style ascents, treating the peak like we would any other big alpine objective. this means;

trips are often single-push, done in a non-stop up and back carrying minimal gear. cost: ¥75,000 per climber

we do high camp options, staying at about 3600m in full alpine conditions, over 2 days. cost ¥95,000 per climber

we do the Asamayama / Fuji double header which gives you 3500m of cold ascent over 2 days. cost ¥115,000 per climber

these trips are aimed at people with previous alpine experience, often who are testing gear for future trips to Denali, Everest etc. we give priority to climbers wanting this as a part of a bigger mountaineering process. over 8 winters and 42 winter ascents, experience has shown us that as a one-off holiday jaunt with little previous experience, this trip is significantly harder than most expect. the minimum time weve done an ascent in is 10hrs. most trips take about 12hrs.

we dont do specific ‘sunrise ascents‘ as climbing thru the night at -25c isnt as easy as it sounds and it still costs as a 2 day trip. if you want to see a winter sunrise from the top of mt fuji then take the high camp option and bring an alarm.

climbers wanting a winter ascent need to realize it requires full winter alpine gear, including crampon-compatible boots, ice axes, harness etc. we can supply all the hardware but do not provide boots, clothes and food in most cases. the indication here is that a climber prepared for the ascent will already have these things.

winter ascents take place between the 3rd week of Nov and the 3rd week of March. due to demand confirmation requires payment of the full amount. we usually cannot change dates, but in 8 winters iceclimbingjapan has only ever cancelled 1 trip due to weather. this trip does not guarantee a summit: we stick to a very doable schedule for safety and optimizing conditions and cannot extend into risk due to a climbers personal lack of ability.

contact us at asap to schedule a winter mt fuji trip.