Weather Update – ICJ Change

Looks like there has been some snow and temps to minus 2 at 2200m.

I’ve also been watching Ice Candy being built. Looking at this seasons wall; there’s a lot of lower angle stuff in there…

Perhaps to be more beginner friendly? Some Seminars? Might be worth going during the week to avoid crowds.

Also wanted to update, ICJ’s Ed has traveled back to Australia for a while. Jason, spent a lot of time with Ed last winter here in Japan, and will be taking over assisting clients this winter.  The spirit of iceclimbingjapan, will not change. Our focus is still on logistics and finding the right climb for the right client. We are not focused on teaching you how to swing an axe, but putting you in the best and most interesting places in Japan to climb.  Don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions or wish to talk about climbing this winter.