the stars of the show are the places we pass thru. ice and alpine climbing happen in lots of places but its the uniqueness of Japan that attracts people

Ice Climbing Japan, is the missing link for people wanting to climb serious stuff in Japan. we provide the logistics, organization, equipment and interface for a unique destination that can be otherwise difficult to access. a lot of people want to climb here, but they just don’t know how. we solve that. whether its exotic ice, alpine routes, big granite walls or road trips that take in the lot we make it happen.

as an equal opportunity employer we dont discriminate; boulderer or male stripper? its the person that matters.

initially founded as a straight ice climbing provider operating just in winter, we have grown fast to encompass trips year round that include alpine walls and aid, mixed and dry tooling, development trips and expeditions to unclimbed peaks in the Tibetan parts of China. along the way we’ve also done special rescue during disasters, rigging for Bunjy jumping, consultancy for films, training for government groups, product testing and brand development.

anyone who can wear a 3 weeks unwashed baselayer on their head is deemed tough enough for Ice Climbing Japan staff

the crew at Ice Climbing Japan represents our diversity. a mix of lifetime climbers, we bring together Winter Olympians, IFMGA guides, V12 boulders, first ascensionists and expedition climbers who between us all have climbed in every significant climbing destination from K2 to Font, Chamonix to Patagonia, the Pamir to Montana, Arapiles to the World Cup mixed circuit. China trips are run with our local logistics partner who provides unparalleled access and support for places no one has climbed in before.

cool, calm and a willingness to try the unconventional: small teams in hard-to-get-to places is the bread and butter of Ice Climbing Japan

 we know we have a unique thing going, and beyond the serious climbing we operate in unique cultures and we don’t forget that. we have no intention of watering down the climbing experience so everybody can have a go. things like ice and cold wall climbing never will be for everybody, just as Japan and the other places we go we don’t sanitize into tourism – this is real climbing in real places.

we dont actually employ this guy, but hes a good example of the characters who fill our trips to less-known places

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