DOSSIER: GANGGA 5690m 2015

2015 gangga 5690m first ascent expedition. it doesn’t get any more real than this

In 2013 iceclimbingjapan collaborated with explorer Tamotsu Nakamura to organize trips to the Gangga range, beginning a process that opened up true expedition climbing to international climbers. Multiple trips to the region and an ititial trip to the Gangga range in 2014 pulled all the logistical elements together, providing the platform for one of the most significant areas for first ascents in years.

Distant, unclimbed, unnamed: Gangga 5690m sits as its own massif, hiding dozens of route options including the SW face which is one of the biggest unclimbed walls on earth. at around 1350m

The objective of this trip is to find and climb one or more routes on an unclimbed peak in an unclimbed range. We expect to assess and determine options when we arrive, tho previous recon has suggested a viable base camp area with proximity to water and access to a road (at about 4100m). Along with climbing we will explore and record geographical information to increase the body of knowledge of the area. As yet the entire eastern side of the massif is unrecorded.

Dates: full schedule October 17 – November 15 (30 days)

short schedule October 27 – November 10 (15 days) 

Mid-length schedule October 17 – November 10 OR October 27 – November 15 (25 days / 20 days)

Positions: 5 – 8 climbers. confirmation required by July 15. 

Price: full schedule US$10,250

short schedule US$6,750

Mid-length schedules US$7,750 / US8,750



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