These trips fall between a regular alps trip and a big trip to the Himalayas. Equipment needs to be in good condition and you need to be proficient with it. Team equipment like stoves, tents, ropes, pro etc is provided but personal preferences are fine. Chengdu has a selection of climbing and travel equipment, both international and local versions, but some things like harnesses, helmets, tools etc are best brought from home. Local brands are mixed, international brands are no cheaper than elsewhere, fake stuff is about but easily spotted.

mountain clothing

  • baselayer top and bottom x 2 ea
  • sox x 5
  • shell layer top and bottom
  • mid-layer(s) top
  • insulated top (down or synthetic)
  • headwear
  • sunglasses


  • 6000m style boots (preferably double boots)
  • gloves (assorted x 5, include mitts)
  • harness
  • helmet
  • ice tools x 2
  • leashes
  • trekking pole(s)
  • crampons
  • rock shoes
  • large pack (70L)
  • small pack (30L)
  • belay / rappel device
  • 4 x locking karabiners
  • 10 x wire gate karabiners
  • 8 x slings (6 x 60cm, 2 x 120cm)
  • ascenders x 2
  • 20m 5mm cord w/ small knife


  • sleeping bag(s) rated to -15c
  • bivy bag
  • insulated mats x 2 (one not inflating)
  • insulated trousers
  • eating ware (spoon, cup bowl etc)
  • water bottles (>3L capacity)
  • headtorch (x 2) + batteries
  • piss bottle
  • towel
  • gaffers tape
  • basic first aid kit
  • snacks from home


  • large duffle (100L)
  • approach shoes
  • comfortable clothing top and bottom
  • sun hat
  • day pack (same as small climbing pack)
  • chargers for electronic stuff
  • sleeping wear
  • towel
  • books
  • camera

on-mountain food

  • breakfast (add water only. approx 1000kcals)
  • day food (no cooking, glove-friendly, carb-dense. approx 1500kcals)
  • night food (add water only, various options. approx 1500kcals)
  • miscellaneous packing (ziplok bags, stuff sacks, mesh bags etc)