This trip has two options – the full expedition schedule for those taking part in the complete process, and a short schedule for those with time only for a single shot.

The Full Schedule includes days in Chengdu, Ganzi and a bit more time in Kangding, along with much more rest time and time for exploration out at the mountain. The Full Schedule is recommended for climbers wanting multiple route options or wanting to get on more sophisticated routes ie big wall, traverses, steep ice. A ‘rest & resupply’ trip into Ganzi may be an option.

The Short Schedule option includes minimal logistics whilst retaining as healthy an altitude gain profile as possible. Recommended for climbers focused on a single route and who have prepared previously to ‘get out and go’.


full schedule (30 days)

day1 arrive Chengdu

day2 Chengdu; finalize logistics and supply, banquet

day3 Chengdu – Xinduqiao

day4 Xinduqiao – Ganzi

day5 Ganzi; finalize supply, check out town, repack

day6 Ganzi – BC set up

day7 BC – acclimate / route recon

day8 BC – acclimate / route recon

day9 to day24 on-mountain

day25 all gear to BC

day26 BC pack / return Ganzi

day27 Ganzi – Kangding

day28 Kangding – Chengdu

day29 Chengdu; debrief, banquet

day30 depart Chengdu


short schedule (15 days)

day1 arrive Chengdu

day2 Chengdu – Xinduqiao

day3 Xinduqiao – Ganzi

day4 Ganzi – BC

day5 BC / acclimate

day6 BC / on-mountain

day7 to day12 on-mountain/ BC

day13 BC – Ganzi – Kangding

day14 Kangding – Chengdu

day15 depart Chengdu