so youve seen all the Will Gadd videos and youve dabbled in drytooling and youve decided 5hr approaches to remote and esoteric icefalls is not for you, but that competition-style athletic ice is.

Nae at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Photo thanks to Jennifer Olsen

weve teamed up with Nae Yagi, Japans womens ice champion, Winter Olympic competitor, UIAA finalist, Bozeman Instructor and yatsugatake celebrity, to bring a sport ice element to our alpine focus. if figure 4s and 9s, dangling off suspended chunks, can-openers off plastic and dynos onto tiny slots are more your thing, or you just want to fill out your athletic ability, then this is your opportunity to make it happen.

run out of Yatsugatake with its purpose-built ice and mixed wall, civilized facilities (heated toilets!) and proximity to dozens of natural ice lines, Athletic Ice programs require little of the suffering that goes with our alpine trips. between cups of coffee, plates of green curry and instruction round the stove heater Nae imparts the tricks and disciplines of technical sport ice climbing.

Run as high-volume bootcamps, Nae’s athletic ice courses come in 2 day, 3 day and 5 day programs or multiple collective sessions over a season. Most courses run out of Yatsugatake’s Akadakekosen Lodge except in late January and early February when some shift to Sendai for serious mixed routes. These courses are open to novice climbers, seasoned ice junkies and anyone wanting a serious winter sport experience.