as of winter 2015/16 regular winter Mt Fuji trips will not be available.

after 5 winters running trips up Mt Fuji, iceclimbingjapan will be taking a break from standard trips. demand for the trip continues to grow – but so does demand for other climbing – and with the resources available we have decided to limit our winter Fuji trips to EXPEDITION PREPARATION only.

after 22 trips to the summit and upper slopes of Mt Fuji in winter we have done a deal with the Shinto gods. from now on it’s dedicated expedition stuff only

what this means is winter Mt Fuji trips will be open to:

  • climbers trialling equipment, systems and techniques for defined expedition objectives. this includes the High Camp and Off-Grid trips

  • climbers training & conditioning for defined expedition objectives. this includes the Fuji Speed and Asama-yama / Fuji trips

  • climbers combining these elements in our Winter Road Trips

  • skiers with big peak ascent and descent experience

what this also means is winter Mt Fuji trips will NOT be open to:

  • climbers with no previous multiday alpine climbing experience

  • climbers without full personal climbing equipment including sleeping system, hardware and expedition-grade footwear

  • climbers with no set and defined expedition climbing process

  • climbers attempting Mt Fuji as a first +3000m winter peak

  • climbers attempting Mt Fuji’s normal tourist routes, including the Fuji-Yoshida, Gotemba and Subashiri routes

all climbers inquiring about winter Mt Fuji climbing trips will be required to submit a climbing resume that includes the objectives the ascent is in preparation for, plus a list of equipment intended for use. acceptable trips will be customized to the climbers expedition demands and costed as such. like our expedition trips to Tibet and Central Asia, every trip will be unique.

requests for regular Mt Fuji winter trips will now be forwarded to our industry partners