getting it sorted: theres a lot more to expedition climbing than the climbing and only immersive time under realistic conditions sorts it out

what: 4 – 6 days, expedition specific, preparation-oriented trips to debug your expedition capabilities

when: late August – early September

where: various locations, all within 2hrs of Tokyo

who: climbers on the Gangga 5690 trip, climbers preparing for similar expeditions

price: ¥135,000 – ¥175,000. adjusted prices for members of the Gangga 5690 team

Pre-expedition trips are the #1 preparation factors that pull your training, skills, resources and psych together. rather than set out fielding a bunch of disparate abilities, preparation trips funnel it altogether and hone the lot into a quantifiable and functional base. theres stuff you need to know and have in the bag before you hit high camp, and every detail nailed allows more time to be spent better when youre up there.

note these are not trips aimed at topographical objectives – the function is to secure base expedition skills across a broad spectrum and wring them out under realistic conditions. the clearer your defined objectives the closer we can get to approximating the relevant stressors to debug them.

life is short. demand is high. some chances wont come again