things have evolved at iceclimbingjapan. where we were once the go-to people for regular climbing trips to japan, we have now become the Full Metal Climbing Project Group…or something like that.

dedicated hardwork over time is what separates projects from one-off efforts: cold, grinding, confronting but with an objective worth working for, things like winter walls dont happen for those not willing to make the effort

for a while we have been mostly engaged in climbing projects that link a series of climbing goals towards a defined objective. the days of standalone trips has given way to the days of future-looking projects that make up a series. and the projects have been wide and varied, from big film & tv events to multiple expeditions to new areas, rethinking expeditions to old areas, training programs for specific outcomes, industrial development projects, support for pro-athletes, opening up new route options in japan and projecting hard climbing in well known areas. there’s never been a dull moment.

and now it’s time to open this up to everybody. want to be a part of something on-going, with a team that’s committed and working together? got an idea that needs multiple evolutions and the continuity of support to pull it off? making the leap from weekend warrior to dedicated climber and looking for the right crew? wanting to get in on the cutting edge of serious climbing in Asia?

projects take you beyond what one-off efforts can achieve: climbing the colouirs of unknown Tibetan peaks doest happen with a series of efforts that turn the unknowable into the realistic

iceclimbingjapan takes project climbing seriously. we get that it takes hard work, committment and motivation – we also get that projects worth doing are unique and usually complex. we get it because we do a lot of it. examples of current projects open to motivated climbers include:

  • hard mixed: opening up international grade mixed lines with big roofs, thin ice and hard moves

  • winter walls: first winter ascents of big granite spires and high alpine walls

  • eastern Tibet expeditions: first ascents in unmapped mountain ranges in parts of Tibet you’ve never heard of

  • obscure Pakistan, safely: first ascents in Pakistan using safe access. mostly walls and towers

  • eastern Tibet ice: Shuangqiaogou is old news. big, high and secret ice along the Sichuan / Tibet border. possibly the biggest ice routes in the world.

so theres plenty going on, and that’s just to start with. once you’re in the iceclimbingjapan brother/sisterhood things open up further, including coordinating with our industry brethren and access to resources few even dream of.