Climbing in Japan

Why Climb Japan?

I get asked this a lot. Often people don’t think of Japan when they think of alpine climbing or Ice climbing. Yet there are many interesting routes here. (More information here)

ice climbing kaikomagatake

Ice Climbing

If you venture out beyond the well-known places (Such as Ice Candy, Akadake) You can climb for days and not see another soul. Often the routes are unknown, or barely mentioned in a Japanese language guidebook. While it can be a challenge to find due to logistics, the ice here in Japan can be challenging at any level.

Big Mountain Practice

Also, places like Mt Fuji, are good places to practice for big mountain climbing. With the winds and cold, you can dial your gear in, practice basic skills and still have an escape route back to civilization if something doesn’t work the way you expect. Better to find that out here in Japan than in the Karakoram or Himalaya.


Of course, when your done climbing, I don’t even have to mention Hokkaido Skiing, Japanese culture, or Tokyo. Plenty of places to make it a good vacation (Just climb first, nothing worse than getting hurt skiing then not be able to climb!)

This is where Ice Climbing Japan comes in, we help you get through the logistics of traveling in another country, finding the ice, getting to it. All you have to focus on is the climbing itself.


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