iceclimbingjapan is a logistics & development service that facilitates climbers with objectives in Japan and China by providing the nuts and bolts that make climbing trips happen. when you book an iceclimbingjapan trip you are securing the logistics, resources and organization on a set of specific dates.

we do

organize & manage logistics

manage & mitigate risks

provide & present information

instruct, train & develop

provide leadership & support

provide a platform for research & testing

provide recreational and professional applications

provide equipment & resources


we don’t

act as a tour company

provide catering

provide wake-up calls

carry personal equipment

interfere with personal decisions

provide a day care service

provide non-essential resources

contravene industry standards

comply with dangerous, unqualified or offensive behavior


equipment usage

all prices include technical and group equipment unless stated or negotiated otherwise.

prices DO NOT include personal gear.

any item of personal equipment must be fit for the intended use and meet international certification standards. all care is taken by those representing iceclimbingjapan, but the personal equipment of a client remains their responsibility. misuse or accidents pertaining to a clients personal equipment are not the respinsability of iceclimbingjapan.

iceclimbingjapan equipment used by clients is entrusted to them for the duration of the trip and becomes the clients responsibility for care and maintenance.

equipment lost or damaged beyond repair by a client due to negligence, misuse or the ignoring of instruction is to be paid for by the client at retail value plus 15% sourcing fee.

payment, cancellation & transfers

all amounts are in Japanese Yen at time of transaction, except on-the-ground transactions in China (or elsewhere) that are in either the USD or local currency equivalent to the Yen amount.

Full payment is required to confirm your specified dates and the resources and logistics that go with them. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash or Furikome if inside Japan.

trips cancelled by the client before the commencement of the winter climbing season (November 1st – April 15th) incur a 25% cancellation fee

trips cancelled by the client after the commencement of the winter climbing season cannot be refunded

trips outside the winter climbing season (April16th – October 31st) cancelled by the client before 1 month of trip start time incur a 25% cancellation fee.

trips outside the winter climbing season (April16th – October 31st) cancelled by the client within 1 month of trip start time incur a 75% cancellation fee.

cancelled trip costs can be transferred to other available dates within the same climbing season

extended costs for charges beyond the oiginal trip description are borne by the climber(s) at the time. these changes can include weather and personal conditions. extended costs include unscheduled accommodation, extra transport costs, extra food & meals.

iceclimbingjapan reserves the right to cancel trips and training programs due to circumstances associated with regional disasters and crises.

these condition apply to all trips 


travel, accident, rescue and evacuation, and cancellation insurance is the climbers responsibility. payment for iceclimbingjapan services assumes appropriate insurance has been obtained by the booking party.

iceclimbingjapan covers costs for specific insurance for the use of facilities such as icewalls, and can assist with procuring local mountain rescue insurance but international travel and risky activity insurance is with the individual climber.

it is expected that all clients engaging the services have adequate physical condition for the specific trip. trips and/or training programs ended prematurely due to a clients inadequate condition cannot be refunded.

limits of responsibility

as an independent logistics and training provider iceclimbingjapan is limited in its responsibility for trips and programs negotiated with its clients.

iceclimbingjapan, whilst instituting all care and information available at the time, cannot be responsible for the clients assumption of risk, application of skills and technique, reactions to stress, personal decisions and expectations of results.

iceclimbingjapan holds no responsibility for a clients self-directed actions, use of equipment, unannounced inadequacies, pre-existing conditions, conditions arising or becoming known after completion of an iceclimbingjapan trip, conditions not announced during the period of a trip, conditions outside the control of iceclimbingjapan and conditions suffered as a result of information provided by someone not a representative of iceclimbingjapan.


the disclosure of identity and/or identifying information is protected by iceclimbingjapan. this includes the use of names, specific images and references to location and/or activities.

the use of client data (images, written and spoken format) for the purposes of research & development is undertaken only with signed agreement. contact details obtained by iceclimbingjapan are not disclosed.

in some cases names and locations are changed or omitted to protect the identification  of individuals, resources or locations.


winter climbing undertaken in areas that are remote, undeveloped or unstable increase this risk. understanding these risks and their avoidance, management and mitigation is the primary concern of iceclimbingjapan, and all efforts are made to keep risks well within acceptable margins.

as the primary factor in risk management is information communication, clients are informed of any relevant risk and are encouraged to enquire about risks they identify independently.

it is assumed that clients accept the inherent risks of winter climbing and other activities carried out by iceclimbingjapan at the time of trip confirmation. beyond the informing and clarifying of risks, all risk undertaken by the climber is assumed to be done so willingly and with acknowledged understanding. client decision to proceed with actions contradicting the information given by iceclimbingjapan is done so at the clients own risk.

information proffered by personnel not representing iceclimbingjapan is outside of iceclimbingjapans responsibility unless confirmed by iceclimbingjapan.

comprehensive risk assessment information is available on request.


iceclimbingjapan is sponsored by and represents several industry providers. the logos of these sponsors may appear on iceclimbingjapan equipment and in images connected to iceclimbingjapan. unless negotiated otherwise prior to trip confirmation, the overt exposure of other sponsors logos or the use of iceclimbingjapan trips as a platform for commercial exposure without prior negotiation may be deemed grounds for trip cancellation.

Terms and Conditions for expeditions outside of Japan

Confirmation by payment assumes acceptance of terms and conditions and the signing of an Acceptance of Risk disclosure at the start of trip.

Iceclimbingjapan (ICJ) is an independent provider that arranges bespoke expedition logistics to remote areas across Asia. ICJ is not a tour agency and does not book international flights, obtain visas or trade in other aspects of non-expedition travel. All expeditions organized by ICJ begin and terminate from the appointed locations. Expedition member’s travel and activities outside of the scheduled expedition are not the responsibility of ICJ.

ICJ is the primary organizing agent for the contracted expedition and the elements it covers. All transactions, logistics organization, scheduling and negotiations are directed through ICJ. The results of transactions, logistics organization and negotiations made outside of ICJ’s authority cannot be the responsibility of ICJ.

For specified expeditions ICJ engages staff to provide specialized applications including lead climbing, special logistics, instruction and assessment. These staff answer directly to ICJ represent ICJ for the duration of their engaged activities. ICJ reserves the right to engage staff as required for logistical, safety and operating reasons.

In China ICJ engages the services of local logistics providers as pertaining to Chinese law. All negotiations with our local agents are to go through ICJ, with final decisions in accordance with ICJ authority. The relationship with ICJ indicate that local services are of an acceptable and suitable quality however ICJ cannot accept responsibility for any services altered or substituted by local agents without ICJ’s knowledge.

Individuals participating in expeditions to remote areas fully acknowledge and accept that such activities entail inherent risks, not limited to but including itinerary changes, civil instability, transport delays, weather conditions, resource instability and unforeseeable natural or man-made events. Individuals accept that such risks are a fundamental element of remote area travel and agree to hold no responsibility to ICJ for any action arising out of these risks. It is expected that participating individuals hold appropriate travel and emergency insurance that cover such events

Expedition members accept the difficult nature of expedition climbing and remote area travel. Exposure to risks include altitude, compromised hygiene, personal security, unusual food sources, industrial pollution and localized factors including climate and wildlife. It is fully recognized, understood and accepted that in the event any member is forced to discontinue his/her participation in the expedition, including reasons of personal choice, then no claim on any unused portion of the expedition can reimbursed. Expenses for early departure from an expedition are born by the individual.

Scheduling, profile and objective of the expedition is limited to the expedition content as outlined in the itinerary confirmed by payment.

Alterations to the expeditions schedule, profile or objective by members after trip commencement must be with agreed negotiation with ICJ. Where changes are possible costs for resultant changes are borne by the expedition members.

Payment and transfers
Payment is made by international bank transfer or Furikomi if within Japan.

Expeditions require full payment of the presented amount by 90 days prior to the expedition start date for confirmation of an individual’s place. Prior to 90 days before the expedition start date consideration can be given to members requesting to pay in smaller deposits at the discretion of ICJ.

Surcharges and bank expenses
All amounts are in the US$ or Japanese yen equivalent at the time of payment. The participating individual acknowledges that any costs associated with the transfer and receipt of funds, including but not limited to bank fee’s, transfer surcharges, are the responsibility of the paying individual. All payments are to be finalized prior to 90 days before the expedition start date. ICJ has no responsibility for transfers and exchanges made within China.

Notice of intent to cancel must be communicated via letter or email. Notice of intent letters and emails will be followed by confirmation of receipt to be deemed confirmed.

Due to the advanced organization scheduling of bespoke expeditions, cancellation once confirmed within 90 days of the expedition start date cannot be refunded.

Cancellations prior to 90 days from the expedition start date incur a 30% cancellation charge.

In the event of cancellation, transfer of paid amount may be possible to similar trips within a 1 year period.

This policy includes expeditions terminated early in the event of circumstances including changes to individual, group or weather conditions. Costs remaining from early termination cannot be refunded.

Cancellations by ICJ
ICJ reserves the right to cancel expeditions in light of unforeseeable circumstances. In such instances full refund is reimbursed if alternative scheduling cannot be negotiated.

Amendments and changes to schedules
ICJ reserves the right to amend or change any trip element as required to fulfil the basic profile of the agreed expedition. These elements include: schedule, staff, transport, accommodation, or other services attached to the expedition. Where viable, changes will occur with full consultation with expedition members.

Risk and responsibility limitations
Expedition climbing in remote locations involves significant inherent logistical risks. Whilst ICJ institutes all due care and diligence to manage and mitigate these risks, expedition members engage such services and facilities at their own discretion. During remote and/or high altitude components of ICJ expeditions (travel and climbing above 4000m) the expedition member accepts and understands the degree of contingency is reduced. This degree of contingency can be further reduced in undeveloped or compromised regions. ICJ accepts no liability for any expense, accident, loss, damage or death, unless that liability is brought proven to be the result of negligence under Common Law.

Expedition authority
Confirmation of an expedition member’s placement signifies their acceptance of ICJ’s authority to make decisions affecting the group or individuals. ICJ and staff engaged for specified applications are authorised to make all decisions concerning the operation and execution of the expedition schedule. This extends to removing or declining the opportunity for any member or the team as a whole to undertake expedition activities the ICJ staff believes entail unacceptable risk, are illegal, are offensive or in any way endanger the expedition team and supporting staff. Any subversion of this authority may result in termination of the individual’s participation in the expedition and subsequent release of ICJ’s responsibility. In some cases legal course will be taken.

Insurance cover is required for all expedition participants. Expedition members are advised to secure insurance that covers all elements of expedition activity including mountaineering accidents, rescue and repatriation, trip cancellation, medical costs and luggage loss.

The procurement of appropriate travel documents and insurance is the sole responsibility of the participating individual.

ICJ’s extent as organiser is limited to providing the ground-based logistics, administration and execution of expedition services. ICJ is not a transport carrier or supplier of transport services. Suppliers engaged by ICJ may have limitations for their liability including specifics of Chinese law which ICJ cannot be accountable for.

These terms and conditions can only be waived in writing by executive ICJ staff. These terms and conditions are subject to Common Law.