iceclimbingjapan is a logistics and instruction outfit that makes obscure objectives accessible to international climbers. started after a mid-winter trip to climb an erupting volcano, our appetite for remote and hidden climbing has grown and diversified. we provide the information and logistics for places barely known to the mass climbing culture and the nature of this means being small footprint, highly mobile and specialized.

the climbers that make up iceclimbingjapan have one thing in common; being outside the square. yes, they could all come from the ranks of standardized guiding, but as our objectives get more obscure and the demands more specialized its functioning outside the cube that we value most.

Outside of climbing Ed is a developer & tester for Polartec products. Despite an in-depth understanding of fabric and clothing he has little knowledge of how to wear gloves and a headtorch.

ed hannam

From the remote wildernesses of the Central Asia and Tibet to the digital wilderness of downtown Tokyo….

Ed’s time spent

Along with climbing Ed works as a project developer for Teton Bros/Polartec where he gets to test new materials and designs and drinks all the coffee.

At iceclimbingjapan we value cultural integration highly. here Rob wears underwear on his head as a sign of status in part of Tibet

rob baker

few people have climbed as much and as extensively and not mentioned it as Rob. covering big ascents on 8000m peaks thru to hard rock routes around the world and countless tech alpine and ice routes in between, his spectrum of applied knowledge makes him the ideal trouble-shooter on any trip. skilled at constructing anchors in seemingly hopeless places and from left over rack, his ability for climbing is surpassed only by his ability to get back down again.

aside from climbing, Rob leads a clandestine existence as a minimalist chef, reknowned for converting exotic ingredients into recognizable gourmet dishes. from the Baltoro and Khumbu to Tibet, hes turned out donuts, calzones and apple pies from local supplies with the same deftness of his rap anchors.

Rob mostly takes a leading role in iceclimbingjapans ‘unseen, unnamed, unclimbed’ expeditions, but also passes thru Japan regularly in winter for the ice.

Dan carrying vital equipment to highcamp. As a progressive employer, in places where labour is exploitive we choose to employ male strippers for the more basic tasks.

dan dasilva

rescued from a career of hard bouldering, Dan rose thru the disciplines of hard sport and big rock routes to emerge as an expedition climber. equally comfortable on 5.13 hand cracks, monster approaches and in tiny, wind-hammered high camps, Dan approaches alpinism with a positive ‘type 3 fun’ perspective.

Dan forms a part of iceclimbingjapans expedition crew where aside from his applications as photographer and hauling animal he specializes in high altitude drystone work and irrigation systems, providing luxury base and highcamp facilities. when not climbing Dan collects obscure coffee roasts from around the world and when climbing he drinks them.

Nae heads the iceclimbingjapan sect of Ice Ninjitsu, practiced at -5c with serrated blades 30m above the ground

nae yagi

having sat at the top of Japanese sport and competitive ice climbing for a decade, Nae retired from international competition in 2014 after the Sochi winter Olympics. now with iceclimbingjapan, she is the resident Ninja Ice Guru, dispensing the esoteric knowledge for figure 4s, figure 9s, hanging switches and delicate mixed.

Nae is sponsored by Simond/Mountain Dax and Teton Bros